Engineered for simplicity – to make your life easier

The Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) is nothing short of a breakthrough. It’s never been so easy to ensure maximum performance and reliability for your applications.

The ODA is an integrated, turnkey, hardware and software database solution. It’s simple to install and even simpler to manage, because it has multiple backup and protection features that keep applications up and running.   Oracle’s unique pay-as-you-grow software licensing feature allows you to seamlessly scale at your own pace from 2 to 24 processor cores, without the cost and downtime typically associated with hardware upgrades.

The Oracle Database Appliance can help you:

  • Maintain high data availability:  Multiple protection and self-correction features keep your applications up and running.
  • Minimize complexity: All the components have been engineered to work together eliminating cost and complexity across the board.
  • Reduce costs: The Oracle Database Appliance is more affordable than purchasing all the elements separately – and is far more cost-effective to manage.
  • Lower TCO:  Purchase software licensing as needed so you only pay for the processor cores you utilize. And the auto-management features keep costs down with automated patching, storage management, and self-correction in case of any issues.

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