One of the biggest challenges facing today’s IT organizations is the management of maintenance support contracts within a heterogeneous environment.  Managing multiple contracts that have varying end dates, varying levels of service and different support scenarios through multiple partners can create an expensive, inefficient and confusing scenario.  Dynamic Systems Single Source Support (SSS) program streamlines the processes around hardware and software support and enables our customers to realize the cost savings associated with this type of services model.

Imagine taking 20 different support contracts that today require 20 separate procurements and consolidating that into one agreement with one invoice, one contract term, and one point of administration.  With Dynamic Systems, we become your single point-of-contact, so you can stop juggling multiple support contracts and start focusing on your key goals and objectives.

Our SSS model enables us to manage a range and depth of software and IT hardware devices, deployed globally, with a single global network that leverages our partners to provide consistent and timely services to our customers. We take pride in our ability to meet and exceed our customer's unique requirements while maintaining a competitive rate structure. Our relationships enable us to leverage our buying power and provide you with the best hardware and software support solutions available at the best price.

Rather than having to adjust to the standard platform offerings of some of the large OEMS, our Single Source Support model provides individualized solutions that address your specific requirements.  We want to engage our customers in a true partnering effort.  Our goal is to understand your business, your mission, the challenges you currently face and provide a solution that drives efficiencies and cost savings and enables you to further meet the needs of your customers.

Check out the datasheet to learn more about this exciting DynamicSolution or contact us and we’ll get started on your customized Single Support solution today.