If you’re still using multiple spreadsheets and databases to track your IT service contracts and warranty information, you already know it’s time for a change.  Dynamic Systems’ Contract Management Center (CMC) lets you consolidate all of your IT service and support contracts in one place.  With the CMC, you can:

• Organize All of Your Service Contract and Contact Information
• View and Manage Support Contract Details for Multiple Vendors
• Track IT Assets as they are Added, Deleted, Moved or Changed
• Manage Budgets and Cash Credits for Deleted Systems
• View Payment History and Apply Credits to New Purchases
• Coordinate Data on Older Systems for Technology Refresh
• Generate and Download Detailed Reports into Spreadsheets for Compliance and Audits
• Customize Fields to Capture Information Specific to Your Organization
• Access comprehensive maintenance support for an extensive array of Manufacturers including Oracle, Sun, Fujitsu, IBM, HP, EMC, NetApp, Dell, Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Hitachi, STK, Spectra Logic, Quantum, Cisco and 100s more.

We understand the challenges of managing heterogeneous computing environments – and the headaches that accompany varying renewal dates, shifting service level agreements, unique support methodologies and multiple procurement relationships. That’s why we designed the CMC.

Download the CMC datasheet or contact us to learn more about this exciting DynamicSolution.